Below are some of the things you can just keep in mind before buying any cryptocurrency, as they will directly and completely negatively affect the value of each one. Some of these factors at even intertwine with each other, creating multiple sources of influence on value, so it is important to remember that the price of a cryptocurrency depends on current events.


People believe in exchanges to receive and sell their cryptocurrency, which requires a certain amount of trust in this institution. A bit like the bank robberies last year in the 19th century, unsecured exchanges are an attractive target for hackers looking to make money fast.

Any exchange hacking, security breach or the closure of a well-known exchange will directly affect the value of the cryptocurrency as a whole. All it takes is a simple javascript error to deport millions of coins vulnerable to hackers.


The news is one of the first factors affecting the valuation of the cryptocurrency, much similar news, both positive and negative, will have an impact on the stock market. In fact, news of any of the following factors on this list will directly affect the value of a cryptocurrency in all directions, so it is important to stay within your understanding of the cryptocurrencies you own or plan to receive.

Mutual influence

While at first glance, cryptocurrencies may seem unrelated to each other, especially with the different functions they perform, mutual influence usually causes a ripple effect for multiple currencies, although this particular currency has not been compact in the news.

Adoption rates

The widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies is still one of the main factors in the positive impact on currency valuation.

When large retailers advertise their support for any cryptocurrency, it helps create value for people who already own the coin. In addition, it draws the attention of many to currency as a digital asset and helps to expand interest in owning currency as a digital asset.

Fear problem

You also shouldn’t discount the concern issue if you’re dealing with cryptocurrency investments. Thanks to the success of Bitcoin and hence the astronomical amounts that some people have made buying low and trading high, there is always tension in the market due to worry, uncertainty and doubt.


While various cryptocurrencies rely on bitcoin as a medium of exchange, this is not always the case. New and faster cryptocurrencies are emerging that solve a number of problems that the first generation coins did not have the opportunity to solve. This type of competition can ultimately lead to the uselessness of legacy currencies as more advanced technologies are created to deal with the stressful situations holding back network growth. Ethereum was intended to be an infinitely scalable cryptocurrency that is being refined to address Bitcoin’s own shortcomings.