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Appetite suppressants are mostly taken as tablets. We recommend capsules because they dissolve in the stomach and thus get into the bloodstream faster. These are not suitable for vegans because they usually consist of animal gelatine. Drops offer an ideal alternative.


If you want an over-the-counter Appetitzügler online kaufen suppressant, you should take a close look at the ingredients. These are mostly of natural, plant origin, but often have different effects. The most commonly included ingredients include the following:

Glucomannan: This is a substance that is extracted from the konjac root. It is able to bind enormous amounts of water, which leads to swelling in the stomach and a rapid feeling of satiety. Accordingly, the ingredient promotes reduced food intake, resulting in calorie reduction and contributing to weight loss.

Artichoke herb: Artichoke herb stimulates the metabolism and promotes digestion. Dietary fats can thus be flushed out of the body better and in larger quantities. In addition, this ingredient contributes to liver protection because it has an antioxidant effect. A good side effect is also a possible cholesterol reduction.

Green Tea: Green tea is another important ingredient of an appetite suppressant. It is known for its flushing properties. It releases toxins that affect ideal organ functionality. It also has an appetite-suppressing effect and has a positive effect on skin and hair.

Cocoa Bean Fibers: Cocoa bean fibers promote central nervous system stimulation, which translates into appetite suppressant properties. A positive influence on the metabolism leads to the regulation of digestion. Another advantage is that this substance has a mood-enhancing effect, which in turn ensures a better mood during weight loss.

Açai berry fruit powder: The acai berry is considered a real superfood and is increasingly found in appetite suppressants. It provides many valuable vitamins, promotes blood circulation and, as an antioxidant, reduces the influence of harmful free radicals, which can have a negative effect on weight loss. In addition, the berries are said to reduce hunger and promote fat burning.