divorce lawyer

The five criteria for choosing a divorce lawyer :

The proximity to the forum

The specific competence

The update


The availability

In life it can happen that you are faced with new situations to face: separation, if the need arises, is certainly one of these scarborough family lawy firm

It is not easy, in a situation of this type, to calmly face the evaluation of one’s defender. In fact, since this is a new experience characterized by particular contingencies, the task is often conferred hastily, not taking into account some aspects that should instead guide one’s choice. To facilitate those facing a situation of this type, we have identified five.

The proximity of the dividing lawyer to the forum where the trial is to take place

It seems trivial, but a criterion that should not be underestimated is related to the location of the law firm of the divorce lawyer with respect to the competent court.

“The request for personal separation is submitted to the court of the place of the last common residence of the spouses or, failing that, of the place where the defendant spouse has residence or domicile” .

The proximity to the court of jurisdiction represents various advantages for the defender and therefore for the client, among which, obviously, having less expenses. The further advantage of the proximity of the forum is linked to the knowledge of the practices of the court seised. Family law proceedings often have to address issues related to court practice, which your lawyer should be aware of.

The assisted negotiation procedure, on the other hand, can consist of only two meetings in the studio, within a few days of each other:

In the first meeting it will be possible to stipulate an assisted negotiation agreement;

In the second meeting in the studio it will be possible to stipulate a separation agreement;

The agreement will be sent to the Public Prosecutor for authorization (in the presence of the couple’s minor children),

At that point, the authorized agreement will be sent to the competent Municipality for transcription .